Posts from February 2021

Cycle Racks at St Lawrence Church

So now there is no excuse for not cycling to St Lawrence Church in Alton. We are really pleased that these cycle racks have been installed. Be great to see them being used in the future. Eco Church have managed, despite Covid restrictions, to get these put in place. Now Eco Church hope to extend this intiatove to our other churches.

Family Lent Challenge – week one – A Blessings Jar!

Instead of giving something up for lent why not try one of our family challenges – this week’s challenge is to make a Blessings Jar. If you do make one please share some of the blessings you come up with or even send us a pic – we love to see what you have been up to! Please email

Can you guess the name? Eco Church News…..

Ruth Randall has written a great piece about Greetings Cards. Click here to have a read. Do you make your own or buy from a shop? Ruth has set us a challenge to guess the name of her friend from when she was five from this card. Email Ruth at or call me on 01420 549567.   There will be a small surprise for the first person whose name is pulled out of her ‘hat’ … perhaps even a card,…