Posts from February 2021

Family Lent Challenge – week one – A Blessings Jar!

Instead of giving something up for lent why not try one of our family challenges – this week’s challenge is to make a Blessings Jar. If you do make one please share some of the blessings you come up with or even send us a pic – we love to see what you have been up to! Please email

Can you guess the name? Eco Church News…..

Ruth Randall has written a great piece about Greetings Cards. Click here to have a read. Do you make your own or buy from a shop? Ruth has set us a challenge to guess the name of her friend from when she was five from this card. Email Ruth at or call me on 01420 549567.   There will be a small surprise for the first person whose name is pulled out of her ‘hat’ … perhaps even a card,…