Charity and Mission Giving

Charity and Mission Giving

Charity and Mission Giving in The Parish of the Resurrection


The PCC have been giving some very serious thought to how, as a Parish, we support charity and mission agencies. We are putting a more systematic system in place. This was also discussed at the APCM in 2023 and in other places and we have listened carefully.

It has been agreed that in 2024 we will give 5% of all regular giving to some chosen charities or mission agencies and then also ask that other events and activities support them as well. We will look at our budgets but would like to raise this percentage figure to 7.5% in 2025 and then 10% in 2026. We would also encourage other ways to support these charities.

We will look to support these chosen charities for a 2/3 year period recognising that regular and ongoing gifts are good for their own budget setting and work. We have worked to identify support for local, national and international organisations.

So From May 2024 the PCC agreed the following charities to be supported. We had previously asked for ideas from the congregations and wanted to have people in the parish who would be advocates for each one so that we get regular communication and input.


The Alton & District Community Relief Fund

This is the new version of the Covid Reslience Fund which operated successfully. It has been established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with the following Trustees: Andrew Lawrence – Lead Elder, Harvest Church Alton; Lisa Hillan – POTR PCC; David Millard – Alton Citizens Advice Bureau; Paul Susans – POTR worshipping community; Moira Baker – Alton Lions.

The Fund is to make grants of up to £500 to individuals who require urgent assistance with essentials such as replacing household appliances, acquiring mobility equipment, getting furniture, carpets and beds. The fund will also help with repairs and renewal of equipment.

The Fund will also help local community groups and organisations in providing seed funding for projects supporting health and well being particularly amongst vulnerable groups.

POTR ADVOCATES: Lisa Hillan and Paul Susans

Citizens of the World Choir

COTW is a musical family that celebrates artistry, heritage and humanity of people seeking sanctuary, and their allies. The choir is based in London, but has its roots firmly in POTR for two reasons:

1. Rebecca Dell, who founded the choir and is Musical Director, started her musical journey in the choir of St Lawrence church.

2. She was inspired to set up the choir as a direct result of a sermon she heard at St Lawrence church one Christmas

Central tenets of the choir are to provide kinship and care for those who have escaped from often unimaginably traumatic situations and to use their performances to spread the news that we are all Citizens of the World. They have performed at a huge variety of events from local schools to the Queen’s Jubilee Concert in front of millions of people.

Sue & Martyn Dell say: “We have advocated on behalf of the choir since it was founded and have been delighted with the response from members of the Parish who frequently ask for updates on their progress and who support the choir prayerfully.

The choir has performed at St Lawrence church and members would gladly come to talk about their work and the impact it has had on their lives. The Musical Director and a choir member are booked to talk to St Lawrence School during Refugee Week in June 2024. They also produce a regular newsletter which is sent to supporters.

We believe the choir appeals to all ages – young and old alike respond to their music and their message and there are so many ways in which we as a parish can support them. They are in the process of producing their first album which will make their music accessible to a much wider audience.”

Recent visit from members of CotW Choir to St Lawrence Church 7th June 2024.

Around 25 people enjoyed an interesting and moving account of life within Citizens of the World Choir and the talk was followed by a lively Q&A session.  Debby also sang a couple of brief songs and proved that she has an amazing voice.

In the afternoon, Becky and Debby did a session with Year 4 at St. Lawrence School. They are very grateful for the great support they are receiving from PotR.

POTR ADVOCATES: Martyn and Sue Dell

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Isolation is a problem. There are people who, simply because of where they were born, will never have the chance at the same life many of us in the developed world enjoy. A life where their children can go to school, where they can get medical care, where they can get help when disaster strikes, where they can experience the love of Jesus. Millions of people around the world live cut-off from all this and more by either geographic barriers—like jungles, mountains, and deserts—or by social, political, or religious barriers. The vision is to see isolated people changed by the love of Christ.

Each year, MAF provides aviation services to more than 400 mission agencies, churches, and humanitarian organizations around the world. Without MAF, some of these organizations would be unable to reach the people they serve. Through these partnerships, MAF connects isolated people with vital services and goods while sharing the love of Christ in a tangible way. This is how they carry out our mission of serving together to bring help, hope, and healing through aviation.

Locally Alastair and Sandra Smith who worship at Harvest Church are advocates for MAF – we would be able to call upon them for information and talks.

PARISH ADVOCATES: Graham and Julie Howe

As a parish we would always want to be supporting

• Anna Chaplaincy – our ministry to Older People which offers spiritual support to older people who are living in care homes and sheltered housing complexes, their relatives and staff who look after them and promotes the spiritual welfare of older people in the wider community, particularly those facing challenges living independently. Our Parish Advocates would be: Debbie Thrower & Kate Powell

• Karamoja Diocese – The Alton Deanery has a longstanding link with this diocese in Northern Uganda and especially with its Diocesan Lay Training Centre. There is Karamoja Link Committee chaired by Revd Christopher Ogilvie Thompson. Keith Arrowsmith Oliver is to join that committee and will become the Parish Advocate

• Children and Youth Ministry – We have a PCC Oversight Committee which is chaired by Robin Kemp.

We hope this gives clarity for the foreseeable future on how we will support charities and mission work. We ask you to give generously to enable this to be a successful way forward. If you are organising any event for the parish which involves collecting money please would you work to these agreed areas, asking for guidance if necessary. Thank you for your support and generosity.

The members of the PCC