The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF)

The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF)

 BRF and the Parish of the Resurrection

We will be welcoming a representative from The Bible Reading Fellowship (now known as BRF), to our united service at the end of this month,  so this seems to be a good opportunity to explain a bit about the BRF and what it has done, and can do,  for our Parish as we think about our future together.

BRF is responsible for Messy Church, which aims to support work with families.  An exciting new programme called Messy Church Goes Wild is being launched this year which will provide useful resources for our development as an Eco church. 

The BRF has resources which can be used to promote discussion and reflection on the issues raised by our theme for October – Harvest and Our Care for God’s World –  especially as we think about the Climate Change Conference (COP26) to be held in November.  

Parenting for Faith is a BRF course which equips parents to “raise God-connected children and teens”.  

We in GAP should be justly proud of being there at the start of the Anna Chaplaincy and of our continuing support for this work.  Debbie Thrower is an Anna Chaplaincy  pioneer and she has worked with and through the BRF to develop this ministry.   

Many of us will have used/are using the Bible Reading notes prepared by the BRF.   There are notes to suit people at various stages of their Christian journey and these are part of the  BRF’s work on Living Faith. 

I have agreed to provide a point of contact between BRF and the parish.  Jane Butcher of the BRFand I have regular meetings .  She keeps me informed of  any new developments  which I can pass on to the relevant groups and I can ask her for help with any issues you have raised with me.

If you are searching for resources for your group or indeed for yourself, don’t waste time “re-inventing the wheel”,  when the BRF might have just the resources that you need.  Contact me – Sue Burrows – or 01420 544903.