Resurrection Furniture

Resurrection Furniture

Resurrection Furniture

Please note that when we open on 12th April 2021 our hours of opening will be – 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays

Our story is that the idea for the shop was stimulated by the monthly furniture sales, which had been going for over 30 years.  A faithful group of workers had consistently raised money, mostly for church upkeep, over all that time.   The monthly sales are a fixture in the community, and the new Monthly Market continues to be held on the first Saturday of each month at the Parish Centre selling bric-a-brac rather than large items of furniture.

However, an anonymous donor came long a few years ago and offered to pay the rent for 3 years for a shop that would be open for much more time than just one Saturday a month and would present the great opportunity of having a “Church on the High Street”, something that we were all keen to have. Then over the early months of 2017 many helpers appeared to renovate and transform the shop so that it could be opened.  Enough volunteers came forward so that it could be operated and we opened in the summer of 2017.  When Robin Lees was interviewed for the Midweek Encouragement in March 2021 he said that all this just seemed to be a “message from God”.

Our charitable objectives are:

  1. To help support youth work with children and young people in the Parish;
  2. To help maintain and improve the buildings that belong to the parish;
  3. To work with other local organisations by providing discounted or free items of furniture for people in need; and
  4. To provide a Christian presence on the High Street.

The charity is also able to contribute to other charitable purposes within the community. We have so far donated monies to the King’s Arms, Church buildings and to Youth Work, Alton Women’s Refuse, Alton Community Cupboard and Christians against Poverty.

We rely on donations of good quality furniture and household items, such as dining tables & chairs, sofas, chests of drawers, occasional tables and small electrical items.  We can’t take three seater sofas or beds due to lack of space or white goods due to government guidelines. Anyone downsizing, looking for interesting furniture or clearing out their older items might like to visit the shop and see what the project is all about.   You can buy on line and our website is

We need volunteers to help run the shop, to manage collection and delivery of furniture and to do other tasks and not all of them are strenuous. Please contact the shop supervisor if you think you might be able to help. (01420 84809) or  In the Midweek Encouragement Andrew asked what we would like the parish to do to help. Robin said  “we need prayer to keep us on the right track and also for all to understand our purpose and think about joining us. We also need God’s guidance”.

This is a project where everyone wins, the people who don’t want to throw away unwanted furniture, the people who obtain good quality furniture at an affordable price, the people who enjoy helping or visiting the shop, the environment through re-use of goods and charities that we support.