Focal Ministers for Parish of the Resurrection

Focal Ministers for Parish of the Resurrection

Focal Ministry

A little while ago the Ministry Team took an Away Day – it was lovely to spend quality time with each other. We spent the morning looking at the idea of Focal Ministry. Focal Ministry is a way we can allocate ourselves across the seven churches we are responsible for given some consistency to pastoral work and service leading. I discussed this with the PCC and we have agreed that this is a good way forward and will review it again in a year’s time. Each church has two members of the Ministry Team (in a sense and A and a B) – we rather liked the idea that Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs. In the future if you have a particular question or concern about what is happening in your church or you want to ask for some pastoral care for yourself or someone else then do please be in touch with your allocated team member. Churchwardens are, of course, still available too!

St Lawrence Church

Andrew Micklefield                 01420 88794 or
Bruce Nicole                            07974 021764 or

All Saints Church

Wendy Burnhams                   07514 280362 or
Peter & Elaine Brown             01420 549943 or

St Peter’s Church

Lynn Power                              07850 232995 or
Andrew Micklefield                 01420 88794 or

Church of the Holy Rood

David Chattell                          07775 462029 or
Martin East                              01420 549595 or

St Mary’s Church Bentworth

Ingrid Owen-Jones                 01420 446467 or
David Chattell                          07775 462029 or

St Mary’s Church Lasham

Peter Owen-Jonea                  01420 446467 or
Andrew Micklefield                 01420 88794 or

St Peter & St Paul Shalden

Bruce Nicole                             07974 021764 or
Philippa Penfold                       Contact the Parish Office or 01420 513881