This year’s  Annual Parochial Church Meeting is to be on 22nd May at 7.30pm in Holy Rood Church, Holybourne.

Here is the notice paper for the meeting: Notice-APCM-2024

Here is the Electoral Revision notice paper: Revision of Electoral Roll Notice – 2024

To join the Electoral Roll please complete this form and return to the Parish Office by hand or to office@potr-alton.co.uk Application for Enrolment Electoral Roll 2024

The Reports containing the agenda, administrative information, objectives for the year, Vicar’s Report,  PCC report, Deanery Synod report, and Fabric reports is available here

A written review of the ‘Looking to the Future’ paper is available here

The Financial Report of 2023 is available here

A report from Resurrection Furniture is available here

A report from the POTR Eco-Church Group is available here

The minutes from the 2023 APCM can be found here