Environmental Footprint Calculator

Environmental Footprint Calculator




One of the main aspects of an Eco-church approach is that we – both as a church and as individuals – should work to ‘tread lightly on the Earth’.

Recent years have seen the development of a number of tools to help us estimate the impact of our lifestyle on the amount of energy we consume and the impact we have on God’s creation.

These vary enormously in range and complexity but we have taken the view that we should ‘start simple’.  After looking at several alternatives, we are recommending that individuals within PotR should consider using the free tool produced by the World Wildlife Fund – their environmental footprint calculator.  Please follow this link to access it –


Also for further information on this please visit www.carbonindependent.org

It should take no more than ten-fifteen minutes to compete and we would love to hear from you about your experiences using it such as –

  • how helpful you found the exercise,
  • whether any findings surprised you and
  • any actions which you plan to take as a result of it.

We are delighted to report that we now have a dedicated email address which can be used as a two way means of communication with members of the Eco-Church team.  Please do use it for letting us have your comments.


We stress that the WWF tool is simple which means that it is easy to use but clearly some may want to go into a great deal more detail – such as carrying out an analysis of domestic energy consumption, travel footprint etc.

John Hubbard wrote in the last edition of Sunrise about the detailed work he and the EcoChurch Group will be undertaking in order to understand PotR’s overall carbon footprint and we will be in touch further as this work unfolds.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Martyn & Sue Dell – on behalf of the PotR Eco-Church Group

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