Parish Values

Parish Values

Parish of the Resurrection Values

 Proclaiming the Risen Jesus, Steadfast in Faith, Active in Service

 As a welcoming, worshipping community of disciples of Jesus we are:

 Rooted in prayer – learning the practices of being in conversation and relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.  In everything we do prayer comes before, during and after.

 Rooted in the Bible – believing that The Word of God directs and guides our individual and our communal lives.  We read, mark, learn and apply it to all our decision making and parish life together.

 Rooted in the gifts of the Holy Spirit – sharing what we all receive from Him to encourage and build each other up.  We always want to be open to the possibilities of the present and future whilst valuing our heritage.

 Rooted in partnership – looking to work with and alongside others who are building and extending the kingdom of God.  We will work with each other across our parish, with other local churches and with community groups who have kingdom values at their heart.

 Rooted in quality – seeking that whatever we do is the best we can offer and is attractive to those in our communities.

 Rooted in fun – enjoying the life that we have and presenting the Church and our faith in Jesus with liveliness and boldness

 Rooted in our care of creation – being good and wise stewards of the world’s resources and our environment.  We will work towards the A Rocha Eco Church awards and Fairtrade status.