Our churches are open 

St Lawrence Church – all week 9am – 4pm

Church of the Holy Rood – all week 9am – 4pm

All Saints Church – all week 9am – 4pm

May Services 2024

Every Wednesday 10am, Holy Communion at All Saints Church

May Services 

May Services 


In church services – Covid Precautions

COVID Precautions in our churches  Following the government changing of restrictions on 27th January 2022 the Ministry Team and the Churchwardens of both POTR and BLS have decided the following:

  • Buildings will be well ventilated during meetings and services
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to all our buildings.
  • It is government recommendation to wear face masks in large public gatherings and we encourage people to wear a face covering during meetings and services if it is felt for personal safety and/or the safety of others.  
  • Please choose to sit where you are comfortable and please be considerate of those who wish to keep a physical distance
  • Refreshments will be served at appropriate meetings and services.  Please feel free to stay in the buildings or if more comfortable take your refreshments outside
Communion Update May 2023

The receiving of Holy Communion Following Church of England guidance we returned some time ago to offering both bread and wine in our communion services with the use of the common cup.  It has been really good to be able to do this.  Recently this has been encouraged for all churches and all services as vaccination rates are high and serious cases of Covid are low.

But in a recent Diocesan message it said this about intinction – dipping of the wafer into the wine.

May we add a note about intinction. Whilst often done for the best of reasons (e.g., out of sensitivity to others when someone has a cold), we would strongly urge you to discourage intinction, whether by the communicant, priest or another. When fingertips accidentally touch the wine, Intinction significantly increases the possibility of any contamination.

So following this advice in the Parish we will now not be offering this.  If you feel unable or uneasy to take from the common cup then please be assured that the Church’s teaching is that to receive the consecrated bread alone is to receive Christ in all his sacramental fullness and this has always been our inherited theological understanding.

Thank you