Our churches are open 

St Lawrence Church – all week 9am – 4pm

Church of the Holy Rood – all week 9am – 4pm

All Saints Church – all week 9am – 4pm

In church services

COVID Precautions in our churches  Following the government changing of restrictions on 27th January 2022 the Ministry Team and the Churchwardens of both POTR and BLS have decided the following:

  • Buildings will be well ventilated during meetings and services
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to all our buildings.
  • It is government recommendation to wear face masks in large public gatherings and we encourage people to wear a face covering during meetings and services if it is felt for personal safety and/or the safety of others.  
  • Please choose to sit where you are comfortable and please be considerate of those who wish to keep a physical distance
  • Refreshments will be served at appropriate meetings and services.  Please feel free to stay in the buildings or if more comfortable take your refreshments outside

For the serving of communion there will be three options with the optional sharing of the common cup/chalice

  • In your place – please stand and someone will serve you just bread or bread and wine
  • At the altar rail taking just bread – please leave before the wine is served
  • At the altar rail taking both bread and wine (using the common cup/chalice)

These precautions are to maintain an environment in which we can all feel safe and everyone can be comfortable in attending our meetings and services. Click here to see our Church of England services guidelines

Thank you

June 2022 Services

Sunday 5th June
Nehemiah – Rebuilding & Renewing
We need God’s Holy Spirit                    Nehemiah 13      John 14.8-17

8am           BCP Holy Communion                  St Lawrence Church 
10.30am   POTR altogether service              St Lawrence Church 

10am        Communion Service                     St Mary’s Bentworth 
10am        Communion Service                     St Mary’s, Lasham 
10am        Communion Service                     St Peter & St Paul Shalden 

Sunday 12th June 
Trinity Sunday
Generous Living
The Feeding of the 5000                          Mark 6: 30-44
9.15am    Communion Service                       St Peter’s Church 
9.30am    Communion Service                        Holy Rood 
10.30am  Communion Service                        St Lawrence Church 
4pm          Afternoon Worship                          All Saints Church 
4pm          Church@4                                         St Lawrence School 
6pm          Evening Worship                             St Lawrence Church 
10am        Communion Service                      St Mary’s,  Bentworth

6pm          Evensong                                        St Peter & Paul, Shalden 

Sunday 19th June  
Trinity 1
Generous Living
The Way of the Cross                                  Mark 8: 27-38
9.30am     Communion Service                           Holy Rood 
10.30am   Communion Service                          All Saints Church 
10.30am   Morning Worship                                St Lawrence Church 
6pm          Regency Evensong                             St Lawrence Church
10am         Communion Service                         St Mary’s, Lasham 
10am         Service for Community Festival     St Mary’s Bentworth 

Sunday 26th June
Trinity 2
Generous Living
The Great Commandment                         Mark 12: 28-34
9.15am     Communion Service                           St Peter’s Church 
10.30am   Communion Service                           St Lawrence Church 
4pm           Afternoon Worship                             Holy Rood 
4pm           Church@4                                            St Lawrence School 
6pm           Evening Worship                                St Lawrence Church 
6pm           BLS Together Service                        St Mary’s Church, Bentworth 

 Every Wednesday, 10am Midweek Communion – All Saints Church