POTR Freecycle group

POTR Freecycle group

Due to COVID 19 the POTR Freecycle has had a slow start but has proved it has a place alongside other outlets for recycling, reusing and reducing in our Parish.

There have been several examples of its use but here are just 3 of particular note,

There was  a ‘wanted’ call out for over 200 3 inch plastic plant pots for someone’s neighbour who over ordered seedlings right at the beginning of the first lockdown! They were gratefully received by the person who did not have a link with the church, what a witness

Then a bird table was ‘offered’ when someone was moving to a new home without a garden and that was snapped up by the eco church team for use at Holybourne to increase habitat and feeding opportunities for bird life

Finally, ‘offered’ baby cot, mattress, bedding and highchairs were all passed onto the women’s refuge, a charity in our Parish, again what a witness

If you would like to be part of the parish Freecycle group, please email me on familyhowe@talktalk.net