Services across the parish

Services across the parish

Our churches are open for Private Prayer

St Lawrence Church – All week 9am – 4pm

Church of the Holy Rood – All week 9am – 4pm

All Saints Church – All week 9am – 4pm

We are open for public worship in all four churches

The parish will continue with online services – please join us.

Please see our Facebook page for daily Morning Prayer at 9am Monday to Friday. We will have weekly services and midweek encouragments available for you on our YouTube channel.

Church@4 is held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at St Lawrence CE Primary School.  Please join us! Email for more information.

Informal Evening Services are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 6pm at St Lawrence Church


November 2021 Services

28th November – Advent Sunday – Psalm 25.1-9 Luke 21.25-36 ‘Following the Son of Man’

10am    GAP Service                             Alton Methodist Church

6pm     Advent Evensong                     St Lawrence

6pm          BLS – Service of Light               Shalden 

Every Wednesdays at 9.30am Holy Communion at All Saints

December 2021 Services

Sunday 5th December – Malachi 3.1-4 Luke 3.1-6 ‘Following the Message’

8am               BCP Holy Communion      St Lawrence
9.15am         Holy Communion               St Peter’s
9.30am         Morning Worship               Holy Rood
10.30am      Morning Worship                St Lawrence
10.30am      Holy Communion               All Saints

Church@4   St Lawrence Martha & Team

10am           Holy Communion               Bentworth
10am           Holy Communion               Lasham

Sunday 12th December – Zephaniah 3.14 – end Luke 3.7 – 18 ‘Following the Good News’

9.15am       Morning Worship              St Peter’s
9.30am       Holy Communion              Holy Rood
10.30am    Holy Communion              St Lawrence
10.30am    Morning Worship              All Saints

4pm          Christingle                           St Lawrence Church
6pm          Evening Worship                St Lawrence Team

10am       Carol Service                      Bentworth
10am       Holy Communion              Shalden

Saturday 18th December

5pm           Carol Service                      Lasham

Sunday 19th December – Micah 5.2 – 5a Luke 1.39 – 45[46 – 55] ‘Following the Christ Child’

8am            BCP Holy Communion     St Lawrence
10.30am    Carols for all                     St Lawrence
10.30am    Carol Service                    All Saints

6pm           Carol Service                    Holy Rood
6.30pm     Nine Lessons & Carols   St Lawrence

10am        Holy Communion            Lasham
4pm          Carol Service                   Shalden

Thursday 23rd December

2-4pm      Holybourne Crib Service

Christmas Eve – 24th December – Isaiah 52.7 – 10 John 1.1 – 14

4pm           Crib Service                       St Lawrence
11.30pm   Midnight Communion     St Lawrence
11.30pm   Midnight Communion     Holy Rood

11.30pm   Midnight Communion     Bentworth

Christmas Day – 25th December – Isaiah 9.2 – 7 Luke 2.1 – 14 [15 – 20]

9.15am     Christmas Communion      St Peter’s
9.30am     Christmas Communion      Holy Rood
10.30am   Christmas Communion      St Lawrence
10.30am   Christmas Communion     All Saints

10am        Christmas Communion     Shalden
10am        Christmas Communion     Lasham

26th December – Colossians 3.12 – 17 Luke 2.41 – 52

10.30am    GAP/BLS Service            St Lawrence Church

Every Wednesdays at 9.30am Holy Communion at All Saints


Following the decision by the Government to move to step 4 of the ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’ on 19th July and the subsequent update to guidelines from the Church of England, the churchwardens have agreed on changes to services held in our buildings across our parish.

At present time incidence of the Covid virus continues to increase with the probability that during the summer months numbers will reach or surpass those experienced at the peak of the second wave of the pandemic at the start of 2021. Taking this into consideration the churchwardens have agreed that the following changes will be made for services in our buildings:

* we would remind everyone that the Government ‘expects and recommends’ that face coverings be worn in crowded and enclosed settings to protect themselves and others;
* it is no longer necessary to register attendance at services in advance with the churchwardens;
* we will continue to display the NHS Track and Trace QR codes for our buildings and recommend that these be used by anyone entering our buildings. If you do not have access to the NHS Track and Trace facility when attending a service then please provide your contact details to a churchwarden so they can contact you in the event of any reported incidents;
* from 19th July the restrictions of socially distanced seating, and sitting in ‘groups of 6’ will cease – you are welcome to sit where you wish;
* at St Lawrence Church to assist people who wish to remain socially distanced we will be providing cards to put next to them when sat down, asking people to leave the place next to them free;
* from 19th July where appropriate we will re-introduce congregational singing inside our buildings but would remind everyone that the Government ‘expects and recommends’ that face coverings be worn at all times;
* during August the 8 am services will be said with no singing;
* in the event of reported Covid contamination, we will close the impacted building for 48 hours

Any updates or finer details will be shared during the notices of each service.

From all the Churchwardens