Corona Virus – Helping our neighbours in the community

Corona Virus – Helping our neighbours in the community

You may be aware that various forms or postcards offering help to neighbours who are self-isolating have been circulated via social media over the last few days. The ministers of Alton Churches would like to encourage people in this troublesome time to offer such help to those around us, if you feel that it is appropriate and safe for you to do so. To help us with this we have produced this supporting others sheet which can be printed out and used.

If you decide that you are able to help people in this way, please think carefully about the following guidelines:

* Please be realistic about what help you are able to offer
* Plan regarding payment for goods purchased
* Follow good safeguarding procedures
* In cases of specific need please refer to specialist services (e.g. Foodbank, Citizens Advice)
* Contact your minister should you require extra support.

You will notice at the bottom of the form that a new email address has been set up to offer further support to people as is needed. This will be manned by different local ministers and checked daily.

May we, together, show God’s love throughout our town over the coming weeks.

If you take up this method of help I would be delighted to know especially if you wouldn’t mind being contacted to help others in your immediate area of the parish. Do email me on

with love and prayers

Vicar, Parish of the Resurrection