Cycle racks at St Lawrence Church and Holy Rood

Cycle racks at St Lawrence Church and Holy Rood

Our energetic Eco Church team achieved the Eco Church Bronze Award for environmental issues in 2021.

Just one part was to encourage cycling by installing cycle racks near our church buildings. The first was installed at St Lawrence Church. The work was carried out by our very own stonemason Roger Frampton (recently moved to Bristol).

You might think that installing cycle racks is quick and easy but it is in fact a marathon undertaking! We needed quotes, plans and permission from the Diocese and EHDC, with input from the Town Council and our architect Simon Goddard. At least we know what we are doing for the next installations across the Parish.

In November 2021 the second set were installed at the Church of the Holy Rood. Many thanks to Charlie and Rob Law who assisted John Hubbard by doing the ordering, planning and hard work.

Let’s get cycling to church now!