Eco Tips and Prayers for December

Eco Tips and Prayers for December

Eco Church December

Eco Tip

We will all receive cards over the next few weeks. After Christmas is over many of us do not know what to do with those cards.

Ruth Randall’s mother uses old greetings cards for craft and outreach groups at her church in Woodley, Reading, and Ruth would be very happy to pass cards on to her.  We will have collection boxes at the back of each Church for the first two weeks in January. Please think about recycling your cards.

The other thing that Ruth’s mum collects is the cellophane wrappers from greetings cards – She would be happy to receive any of those too!

Eco Church Prayers for December

Heavenly Father, as we celebrate the birth of your Son in human form, we thank you for all you have created and given to us. Help us to reflect on your generosity, to not be greedy for more than our share of the world’s resources and to ensure the season is one of light for all.