Eco Church October 2021 Update

Eco Church October 2021 Update

Eco Church News

We are now 2 years from the launch of Eco Church & have achieved the Bronze Award.

Our programme for the next few months is very much focussed on CoP26 taking place in Glasgow from 1st to 12th November. This United Nations conference is commonly considered to be the world’s best, last chance to get runaway climate change under control so our actions and prayers at this time are essential.

Eco Church is taking part in the ACAN Vigil of Hope on 30th & 31st October, providing prayer slots at 4pm on both days. For more details the flyer on this website. In addition, there will be prayer stations in St Lawrence, All Saints and Holy Rood throughout CoP26 – these are for private prayer but there will be prayer leaflets which can be used and taken away for your continued prayers.

On a practical level, Eco Church is continuing the installation of cycle racks – they have now been installed at Holy Rood – thanks to Helen & Charlie Walters for their help on this.

Measuring the carbon footprint of our buildings continues and in Spring 2022 we will carry out a survey of our members to measure their carbon footprint is travelling to church.

We are working with Hampshire County Council on a project to improve the ecology and community use of St Lawrence Churchyard – do watch Parish Matters for more on this.

And finally…………. the Christmas Card Boards will make a comeback in December 2021! Boards for your cards to the whole parish will be available and recycling boxes will be put in each church building after Christmas.