Eco Church Prayers and Eco tips for February 2020

Eco Church Prayers and Eco tips for February 2020

Prayer for February

Dear Father, as we see the first shoots of spring emerge from the soil we delight in the changing of
the seasons and the emergence of new life. We thank you for the gifts we receive from the Earth
and are mindful of our need to share our bounty with others. Help us to enjoy all that we are given
in a considered manner and to know how much is enough for our needs.

Eco tip for February

A few tips to focus our minds on consumption this month.  Choose one or two that you think you can do.

  1. Have a look in drawers and cupboards and find one item you no longer want or need.  Give it to a friend, Resurrection Furniture shop, a charity shop or advertise it on POTR freecycle site (for details see POTR website POTR Freecycle group).
  2. Try doing step 1 every day for a week – or even a month!
  3. Try a month without buying anything except food, drink and essential toiletries.
  4. Think about what you are buying – is the material sustainable, recyclable, and most importantly – do you really need it?

Buy items that bear the Fair Trade mark – one easy way to do this is to buy from the Fair Trade stall at St Lawrence held every second Sunday after 10.30 service – perhaps buy one item from there that you have not tried before.