Eco Church Tips and Prayers for January 2020

Eco Church Tips and Prayers for January 2020

Prayer for January

Let us pray

that the Earth be reverenced and cared for as God intends

that we live simply and lightly on the Earth

that we each accept responsibility for our own part in caring for the Earth

that we understand that we are custodians of the earth and it is our duty to pass it to the next generation in a better state than we received it

that we appreciate the true glory of God’s creation


Eco tip for January

How much of the world’s resources do I use? Determine Your Impact

We can only know if there are areas we need to improve if we know how much of the world’s resources we are using. There are many calculators available online to look at our carbon and water usage. A simple one is produced by WWF –

Take the test and identify areas where your usage is low and areas where you could reduce. Identify ONE thing you can do this month to reduce your footprint on the earth. Please share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’d love to know your ideas!