Eco Church Update – January 2021

Eco Church Update – January 2021

Eco tips for things to do

New Year, New Resolutions!

Please do remember to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle:

Please recycle your Christmas cards. Last year we collected so many for an Arts & Crafts activity that there are still lots left so please put them into the paper/card recycling bins this year as usual along with non-foil Christmas wrapping, being mindful that glitter is a form of micro plastic and could end up in the ocean.  Please see Your Glitter Habit Is Dangerous – Here’s 5 Reasons Why ( for more information.  It is encouraging to see that you can soon get biodegradable glitter!

Christmas Trees and any empty printer cartridges can also be recycled at the Alton Recycling centre, Omega Park, GU34 2QE, Thank you

How much of the world’s resources do I use? Determine Your Impact

We can only know if there are areas we need to improve if we know how much of the world’s resources we are using. There are many calculators available online to look at our carbon and water usage. A simple one is produced by WWF –

Take the test and identify areas where your usage is low and areas where you could reduce. Identify ONE thing you can do this January to reduce your footprint on the earth. Please share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’d love to know your ideas!