Palm Sunday 5th April and the week following – Holy Week

Palm Sunday 5th April and the week following – Holy Week

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of what we call Holy Week as we follow Jesus into Jerusalem and through the events which lead to his death and resurrection.

To get us started on this Revd Joy Windsor as put together a short act of worship for Palm Sunday which you can access here

I also attach here the Sunday worship resource published by The Methodist Church – it may be of help and use to some of you Sunday 5th April Worship

Revd Lynn Power has also put together something for young children and families for Palm Sunday. Here is the link for that.

You may have seen the Facebook and Twitter post I put out a few days ago. Here it is again.

‘An idea! Do you think we could do this? On Sunday April 5th in the morning, put a branch on the door or the gate of your house or on the window, to celebrate Palm Sunday. It could be any green branch you can get. Maybe put a ‘Hosanna’ message with it.
This would help, despite the social distancing, to be connected as we enter into Holy Week, Holiest of Weeks.

We may be physically isolated, but not separated. We are united as the members of the body of Christ.
We are the Church.’

I’d love to hear about these all over Alton. Why don’t you post some photos of yours to our Facebook page or on Twitter?

There are other worship resources for Palm Sunday. On the Church of England Facebook page there will be a service at 9am conducted by The Bishop of Manchester. You can also access this from the main Church of England website. On BCC1 at 10.45am there is a service from Hereford Cathedral. Bishop Tim and Sally Dakin will again be hosting a service which you can access through the Diocesan Youtube Channel. Winchester Cathedral a providing a reading of The Passion which features multiple voices from English Cathedrals.

Here is latest edition of  The Altonian from The Town Council.

And lastly a message from Ella Frampton, a Trustee of Resurrection Furniture.

I have some ideas regarding how we might use our shop window at this time to be a presence on the High St. There are still people walking about, doing their daily exercise or on their way to the Co-Op and the banks. I would love to be able to express a message of hope for Easter that comes from our churches. Are you feeling creative and might like to work with me, obviously virtually, to discuss ideas? Maybe it’s somthing, one of us can work on at any one time but collaboratively. We could also use our high street exposure to promote, and advertise local organisations that have been set up in the past few weeks to help those in need, some of them were our regular customers before the lock down came into force, often just coming in for a friendly chat.
It is one of our Charitable Objectives to be Church on the High Street and also to ‘sign post’ those needing help. If you want to be involved please email Ella on

With love and prayers