Baptism in the Parish of the Resurrection

If you are considering Baptism either for yourself or your child, we would love to welcome you into the Christian faith and into membership of the church. Baptism is much more than a naming ceremony, it is a celebration of your journey with God.

In the baptism service you or your child are anointed with the sign of the cross using oil blessed by the Bishop, and baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You will also be given a lighted candle to symbolise the light of Christ as a real presence in your life.

Joah - Naya - Seren - Baptism

At your child’s baptism, parents and godparents promise that they will nurture and raise the child in the Christian faith and help them become part of the worship of the church. The church promises to help them with this important task.

To find out more about baptisms in the Parish of the Resurrection contact the Parish Administrator 01420 83234 or

Read what the Church of England says about baptism and confirmation

Our current Parish Baptism/Christening policy is available here for you

Baptism Policy – February 2022