Eco Church Travel to Church Questionaire

Eco Church Travel to Church Questionaire

You will have seen in the April edition of Sunrise an article describing how the Eco Church team is leading a piece of work to establish our ‘carbon footprint’.  An important part of this is estimating our own mileage in travelling to and from places of worship and for church related activities.

Everyone is asked to complete a simple travel survey for the month of April 2022 which can be done either online or as ‘hard copy’.

The link to the online version is HEREIf you have a Google account, this can be completed in stages – simply close it when you have finished at that moment and then reopen it before finally submitting it. If you do not use Google then please keep a tally of your responses and submit your form on the Online Survey at the end of the month.

Hard copies will be left in each of the four churches and completed copies can either be left there or returned to the Parish Office.

We would be grateful if all completed copies could be submitted/returned by Sunday 22 May.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.