Parish of the Resurrection Living Advent Calendar 2020

Parish of the Resurrection Living Advent Calendar 2020

The map for the Advent Window trail map is now available!  Each day a new festive window will be revealed for you to discover and enjoy on a daily walk. Please see below for the list of houses to visit. Try and spot the Bible verse too! Check our Facebook page for daily pictures and updates.

Day 22 – A beautifil Stained Glass window that is so brightly lit – For unto us a son is born

Day 21 – The Holy and the Ivy. A different style – very unique and lots of christmassy greenery

Day 20 – I think an artist lives here! A very creative window. 28 Vicarage Hill

Day 19 – 78 Mount Pleasant Road. This one is really brightly lit – you can not miss it – so lovely. A nice walk and you can see the train go right past at the same time all lit up.

Day 18 at Macallan Penfold. A lovely silhoutte. Best seen from Draymans Way. I get a lovely view of this everytime I drive past the brewery.

Day 17 – 43 Pentons Close, Holybourne. A really beautifully lit up scene. If you can get a chande to see iit at night you will love it!

Day 16 – 6 Cherry Way Alton. A beautiful painting of the nativity.

Day 15 – Pilgrim Cottage, 44 Vicarage Hill. Definitely see this one at night all lit up. The path to Jesus.

Day 14 – 5 New Paddock Close, Holybourne. A stained glass window – really eye catching and grand. I love it!


Day 13 – 73 Victoria Road. Colourful with meaningful words.


Day 12 – Mill Cottage Farm. This one sets you at the scene of the shepherds with real sheep. A wonder to see. Look in the field opposite the house

Day 11 – 117 London Road in Holybourne. A really nice one to take the kids to to make you smile. A brilliant King

Day 10 – Two windows today! All Saints Church noticeboard amd just up the road from there, 15 Tower Street.

Day 9 – Wilsom Road. Such a colourful window – O Christmas Tree!

Day 8 – 32 Highridge. Watch out for the icy pavements. While shepherds watched their flock by night


Day 7 – 32 Ackender Road for today’s window. Clever design today using window pens! Let heavens rejoice and the Earth be glad



Day 6 – 53 Lenten Street – Look up to the first floor to see the three wise man on their camels guided by a bright star.


Day 5 – 22 Maltings Close – Look up to the first floor for this window. Many thanks A! This house lights up the street

Day 4 – Holybourne Vicarage – the best view is from the Village hall and look up and I recommend seeing this in the dark – so pretty!

Day 3 – December 3rd – 6 Wentworth Gardens. A very beautiful, creative scene.

Day 2 – December 2nd St Lawrence Vicarage

Day 1 – December 1st The Resurrection Furniture Shop. Take a stroll past and enjoy the scene.


For mobile users click here to access map of Advent Windows