PCC report to congregations 27th June 2021 – Future’s Group Report

PCC report to congregations 27th June 2021 – Future’s Group Report

The Futures Group presented its report to a meeting of the PCC held yesterday. The PCC considered the recommendations made and is pleased to report that there were several recommendations that could be accepted immediately. These include the recommendations on services being led by both clergy & laity, an online offer continuing to be provided after the lifting of Covid restrictions and having one sermon theme across the parish.

There was wide acceptance of the recommendation to develop a network of base groups with leaders supported by clergy and there will continue to be a rolling programme of Alpha type courses to bring new people to know God.

It was agreed that a significant priority was the improvement & optimisation of communication both within the parish and with the wider community POTR serves. In addition, the parish will look to appoint an Operations Manager to free up clergy resource for discipleship, growth and pastoral care.

All of the above are subject to formal ratification by the PCC at its next meeting.

Some other of the recommendations (which are still confidential to the PCC) require more conversation, consultation and development. The process for facilitating this will be the subject of the next formal PCC meeting to be held on July 13th. A further report to congregations will be made after this meeting.