Sheep Trail around Holybourne

Sheep Trail around Holybourne

Holy Rood Church – Sheep Trail

Look out for the sheep that are hiding in windows at the addresses below; you will see a letter at each location.    You will be able to see the letters from the road; you do not need to enter onto private property.   Fill the letters into the grid below and then work out what the Christmas phrase is.

White Hart Pub, 139 London Road     

Holybourne Shop and Post Office, 130 London Road  

Mill Cottage Farm (Upper Neatham Mill Lane)

3 Upper Neatham Mill Lane 

Cherry Tree House, 100 London Road

110 London Road

136 London Road

120 London Road 

145 London Road 

121 London Road 

133 London Road  

Rearrange the letters to make up a well-known phrase from the Bible.   Here’s a clue; it has something to do with the baby who is born at Christmas!

– – – – – /- – /- – – –

Bring your answer sheet to Holy Rood Church on Thursday 23 December between 2 and 4pm to claim your prize and have the opportunity of taking one of the sheep home with you (in return for a small donation).  All money raised will go to a local charity.   Come and join in with the celebrations at the Holybourne Nativity while you are there.

If you have any questions or are unable to attend on 23 December, please contact Rev Gordon at / 01420549567