Update from the Alton Foodbank

Update from the Alton Foodbank

The foodbank has been very busy adapting to the new lockdown and ensuring that we support families in need while keeping all our volunteers safe. We are now operating a home delivery service and have temporarily closed our premises in Market Square. Demand is increasing and we are distributing about 750kg of food a week. In addition, we have started a new service offering families a home delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables that is delivered by Get Fresh & Fruity in Lasham. Our finances remain very good and we are redirecting large donations to other local charities as we do not want to have money sitting in the bank when it should be helping people in need.

Alton Foodbank Shopping List for February 2021


Please buy an item from this list of items for the foodbank

 * Tinned meat (stewing steak, hot dogs etc.)

* Sponge puddings (long life)

* Cereal (Cheerios, Weetabix, Rice Crispies)

* Coffee

* Tinned carrots, peas, sweetcorn

* Tinned rice & custard

* Long life fruit juice

* UHT milk

* Jam / Peanut butter

* Soup (tinned and packet)

* Tinned spaghetti


Baked Beans, Tinned tomatoes. Pasta

(as we have good stocks currently)