Urgent Ukraine Appeal

Over the next few weeks, churches in the Alton area are being invited to respond to an urgent request for specific products and medical supplies for central and eastern Ukraine, where the need is as acute as ever. (See below).


1) Cooking Oil

2) Sugar

3) Flour

4) Pasta

5) Buckwheat

6) Canned food (fish, meat,

beans, peas, corn)

7) Tea

8) Cookies

9)  Condensed milk

10) Pâté

11) Candy

12) Baby food

(up to 6 months)

Hygiene products

1) Soap

2) Toothpaste

3) Toothbrushes

4) Washcloths

5) Shampoo

6) Feminine hygiene products

(pads, tampons)

7) Washing powder

8) Dishwashing detergent

9) Diapers (children, adults)

10) Combs

11) Body cream

Medical supplies

1) Nurofen (adults and children)

2) Anti-allergic drugs

3) Baby powder (for diapers)

4) Thermometers

5) Medicine for head lice

6) Baby oil

7) Painkiller for adults

8) Antiviral drugs (for colds)

9)  Bandage (not sterile)

10) Antiseptics

11) Iodine (green)

This list has been generated by Ukraine-based contacts of James Baird, an appeal organiser who ships a huge amount of aid to various parts of Ukraine via an NGO/charity there. James is a Sussex farmer who acquires vehicles, fills them with aid and takes them out to Ukraine.  In this instance the aid will be shipped in two stages, at the beginning and end of June.  Three HGV trucks are standing by.

The Alton Community Cupboard (situated at the old post office site in the High Street), have agreed to act as drop-off point for donations.   They can receive donations on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, 9:30-11:30 am.

Thank you so much for your support.

Rod Eckles


16th May 2024