22nd November is the feast of “Christ the King”, the climax of the church’s year and is also our annual “Stewardship Sunday”. The following Sunday (Advent Sunday) marks the start of the new church year, and will see a GAP service in the Methodist church.

Stewardship reminds us that we are stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Just as a steward is accountable to his master for all things in his control, so we are accountable to God for all that he has given us.

Stewardship Sunday gives us a chance to reflect on how we are doing and how we are using all we have been given.

  • What has God done for me?
  • What makes me thankful?
  • What have I done for God?

As we look forward:

  • Do I have more or less time available?
  • Is there a specific task I could help with?
  • Have my financial circumstances changed?
  • Have I signed up for the parish giving scheme?
  • What does God want from me in the coming year?

As well as looking at our giving of time, talents and money, it is our responsibility to keep our personal affairs in good order. This includes ensuring our wills are up to date.

November is “Make a Will Month”, and is an ideal time to ensure our wills are still valid and reflect our current wishes. We may need to review existing legacies and we encourage you to consider leaving a percentage of your estate to the parish. Also we need to consider who would look after our affairs if for some reason we cannot?

I am frequently asked “What level of commitment should I make”? There are various answers to that; you have to discover after prayer and thought whatever is right for you in your circumstances. The General Synod of the Church of England challenges its members to give 5% of their income (after tax) to the mission of the church. Yet it is not all about money – what about your time, your talents and your discipleship?

If you feel you can offer more, please have a word with me, the clergy or wardens, or pick up any of the Time, Talent or Planned Giving leaflets available in all of our churches.

Peter Bell: Stewardship Promoter

Contact Details:

Stewardship: Peter Bell 01420 86063

Planned Giving: Elizabeth Dain 01420 89062